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Mediation is an alternative way of resolving disputes. It involves both parties meeting in person in a non adversarial way with a qualified mediator to guide the parties to a conclusion. It is particularly helpful where the parties in dispute have an ongoing relationship.

We can represent you at a Mediation and can act as a Mediator provided we do not have a pre existing relationship with either party.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation can be utilised for a wide range of personal or business disputes at any time even when the matter has already reached Court.

  • Cost savings – eliminates expensive litigation and Court costs
  • Speed – typically mediation lasts one day rather than months of protracted correspondence and costly litigation
  • Maintains existing relationships with the other party - business, employment or personal
  • Confidential – unlike in Court proceedings, the outcome will not become public .What is said in Mediation remains confidential and the Mediator cannot be called as a witness to the negotiation should the case eventually be resolved at Court. You stay in control – the final decision is in your hands rather than a judge ruling on the outcome
  • Flexibility – it remains non binding until the end

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Our Mediation Service

We can guide you through the Mediation process from any angle and find the best dispute resolution formula for you or your business

Try mediation and reap the rewards

Avoid the legal costs, stress, work absences, and loss of business and personal associations associated with litigation. Not every dispute is suitable for mediation however you can contact us for a confidential, professional opinion.

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