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Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is an increasingly popular way of resolving disputes that is now actively encouraged by the Courts and the Justice system as a whole. It involves the parties meeting together in the presence of an independent mediator who is mutually agreed upon and is paid equally by each side. The mediator will be specially trained and is often a lawyer (solicitor or barrister) who can bring a wealth of experience to the table as well as a totally neutral viewpoint. The decision reached at the end of the process is binding and an agreement will be drawn up to be signed by both parties.

  • Non adversarial – it is therefore less stressful than litigation or Court proceedings and it enables existing business professional or personal relationships to survive intact
  • Cost – mediation is cheaper than litigation
  • Time saving – the mediation process is always much quicker than the formal legal process for resolving disputes
  • Mediation encourages good communication and prevents the parties from becoming entrenched
  • The mediation session is totally confidential and not heard in open Court
  • Solicitor mediators are highly regulated thus you are protected
  • Provides a "level playing field" as both parties pay the same fee

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